学院 District is Established: 1926

为建立圣贝纳迪诺谷联合专科学院区而进行的选举 held on March 26, 1926. With no formal opposition to the formation of the college, 该提案以压倒性多数获得通过:3079票对118票,接近30票对1票. 的 first Board of Trustees was elected on May 7 of the same year. 的 five nominees (E. M. 睫毛,N. A. Richardson, Frank H. Binney则T. Fred Robbins and Charles J. O ' connor) ran unopposed, and were elected by a small voter turnout.

1926年6月23日,董事会在山东侧的一个地点开会. 弗农 大约在圣贝纳迪诺市中心和科尔顿之间等距. 有人建议在地块的西北部分约30英亩 接受检查将为新学院和董事会提供理想的地点 directed that an appraisal be made. 关于 a month later, an offer was made to the 房主斯旺和巴顿以每英亩1500美元的价格购买了这块理想的土地 upon voter approval of a bond issue. 的 offer was accepted in early August, and an 选举于9月23日举行,以投票支付48.5万美元的债券 the costs of the land purchase and the initial 建筑 construction. 债券发行 passed by a vote of nearly 25 to 1 (3,512 to 141).

On the New 校园: 的 Jantzen Years, 1926-1929

Womens BaseBall 1920乔治H. Jantzen, Superintendent of Schools of the Colton District and principal 他被任命为学院院长,这个头衔后来改变了 “总统." Without a campus of its own, Valley College had to schedule classes 在圣贝纳迪诺高中和科尔顿高中的第一年(1926-1927).

1927-1928学年开始上课时,行政大楼 (then called the "Classics Building") had 完成. Classes were carried on 在建设过程中,到学年结束时,生命科学 大楼(当时叫“科学楼”),体育馆和图书馆也有 完成.

Mens BasketBall 1920的 1927-1928 faculty was made up of eleven men and six women. Nearly 300 students 1927年秋季学期入学,新生人数多于二年级学生 nearly six to one. Fifty-four courses were offered, nearly all with a strong academic 取向. 组织了一些大学俱乐部,包括“你的女人,社会” 伊斯帕尼察,印第安油漆刷(艺术),袜子和靴子(戏剧),法医俱乐部, 荣誉协会、女子体育协会和少年狮子俱乐部. 一个数字 舞会、聚会、茶会和招待会全年都安排得很满,报纸也是如此 accounts of the time indicate that they were usually well attended.

A 建筑 housing a cafeteria opened across Mt. 弗农大道, but the most popular off-campus hangout was "Nick's." Not only was it popular for its milk shakes, but 从旧的留声机和一个更大的吸引力,一个新的收音机的音乐.

FootBall Team 1929 当地记者首先称山谷大学橄榄球队为“Jaysees”。 or the "Renfromen" (in honor of Coach M. P. “粉色”伦芙洛). 搜索ing for a shorter, 一个更吸引人的名字叫它们“鹪鹩”,社区很快就接受了 the nickname, although the student body never officially adopted it. 的 "Wrens" became the "Indians" in the fall of 1927. 的 inspiration for the new name was attributed 到据报道在挖掘原物时发现了一个印第安墓地 建筑. 为了与新名称保持一致,校报将其名称改为 "的 Jaysee" to the "Warwhoop."

的 Griffing Presidency, 1929-1933

Aerial View of 校园 1930詹森校长于1929年7月31日辞职,约翰教授 B. 心理学和社会学讲师格里芬被任命为他的继任者. 1929年,第五座建筑被添加到校园,完成了“社会 Hall," the name given to the first campus center or student union. 的天文 observatory was completed in 1930.
学生入学人数持续增长,注册在校生超过700人 1932年秋天. Most students planned to transfer to four-year schools, and the curriculum continued to emphasize academic subjects.

在最初的几年里,对大面积停车场的需求并没有受到很大的关注. 学生使用公共交通工具到学院使用太平洋电气 streetcars, which passed the college along Mt. 弗农大道.

20世纪30年代初,学院受到了经济大萧条的影响 有很多方法. In February 1932, Trustee Andrews was asked to identify ways the 校园也许可以节省与维护场地有关的费用 和建筑. Further purchases of books for the 图书馆 were deferred. 1932年5月, 教师们通过了一项决议,愿意接受5%的减薪 was gratefully accepted by the Board. In May of 1933, conditions were even bleaker. Only seventeen instructors received assurances of a full-time job. Nine more received 承诺至少有一半的工作时间,其中四人收到了解雇通知. 当6月份最终通过工资标准时,所有年薪超过100万美元的教师 $175 per month had their salaries reduced 10%. Under those conditions, most of the staff was retained.

Women Dormitory 19311933年6月,格里芬总统递交了辞呈,声称他的健康状况 did not permit him to carry the burden of the position. He requested that he be retained 为保证年度的正式教员,并获得董事会批准 这个请求. Mr. Griffing left the campus in January 1934 to become the Educational Adviser for the 9th Army Corps Area. He later served four years in Brazil as the president 他在一所农业学院任教,然后回到美国担任系主任 亚利桑那州坦佩州立师范学院(现为亚利桑那州立大学).

的 Ricciardi Presidency, 1933-1942

Pres Nicolas Ricciardi 1933

学院的第三任校长尼古拉斯·里恰尔迪(Nicholas Ricciardi)带着声誉来到圣贝纳迪诺 as an outstanding authority on vocational education. Enrollment during this period 是否相对稳定,每学期在700到1000名学生之间波动. 被欺侮 在每个新学期的头几个星期里,这是一种预期和可以接受的做法 学年. 这种善意的骚扰通常在一年一度的大一-大二学年结束 pushball context, usually won by the sophomores.

学生和教师都有强烈的社区意识,许多社交活动都是如此 包括圣诞正式舞会,男女同校睡衣派对,还有留胡子 比赛.

Play As You Like It 1938

Additional 建筑s were added to the campus during the Ricciardi years. 作品 Progress Administration (WPA) funded construction of the auditorium. 从1936年到 1938年,该项目为该地区500多人提供了就业机会,导致 校园里最具特色和建筑风格的建筑. 礼堂 1938年10月被董事会接受,同月,戏剧系 莎翁的《推荐最近最火的赌博软件》是新剧院的第一部作品. 在其他建设项目中,获得了国家紧急救援管理局的资金 建造了一座希腊剧院,WPA的资金被用于建造混凝土看台 the stadium and a new vocational 建筑.

在山谷学院的最后一年,里恰尔迪校长成立了一个独立的 夜校,由职业艺术系、社会艺术系和专业艺术系三个系组成 艺术. 诺拉·帕克·科伊原本是一名英语教师,被任命为导演 of the new program.